Paul Chambers Guitars - Luthier and Maker of Fine Acoustic and Classical Guitars

My Influences   -   Makers & Players

There are many makers and players I admire that influence the sound and playability characteristics I aim for with each Paul Chambers guitar.,

Steel String

  • Martin - pre-war OMs & OOs, as played by Crosby, Stills & Young
  • Nick Kukich's Franklin OM guitars - as used by John Renbourn & Stefan Grossman
  • Stefan Sobell - as played by Martin Simpson
  • Jeff Traugott - also played by Martin Simpson
  • Ralph Bown - used by Clive Carroll/John Renbourn
  • Ervin Somogyi - played by Martin Simpson, Alex de Grassi, Michael Hedges
  • Jim Olson - famously played by James Taylor & Phil Keaggy
  • Bill Kelday - used by Tony McManus
  • Kevin Ryan - played by Pierre Bensusan
  • Kim Walker - particularly pre-war OOs, OOOs, OMs & Small Jumbos


  • Antonio de Torres, Santos Hernandez - played by Stefano Grondona
  • Hermann Hauser I - Segovia's 1937 model
  • Ignacio Fleta - played by John Williams
  • Daniel Friedrich - played by Julian Bream, and contributor of invaluable research into acoustics and mechanical models of the guitar
  • Thomas Humphrey's - Noted for his Millennium guitar
  • Jose Ramanillos - played by Julian Bream
  • Paul Fischer -
  • Gary Southwell - In particular Southwell's A Series as used by David Starobin, Tom Kerstens & Scott Tenant
  • Mathias Damman's Nomex Double Top
  • Greg Smallman - as used by John Williams & noted for his lattice braced soundboards