Paul Chambers Guitars - Luthier and Maker of Fine Acoustic and Classical Guitars

About Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers - Maker and Luthier of fine Acoustic and Classical Guitars

I studied Guitar Making at LMU's musical instrument making department (formerly the Royal College of Furniture Makers and Guildhall College). This school was the training ground for many eminent guitar makers, including Gary Southwell and Bill Kelday.

I graduated with first class honours, and was privileged to study luthiery under two talented makers, Martin Bowers and Norman Myall. My three years at LMU gave me the opportunity to form a broad base from which to launch my guitar making career. In particular my studies in acoustics have informed a large part of my thinking.

Alongside practical studies in luthiery much of my time was focused on research into the mechanical and acoustic modelling of guitars. Of particular interest to me is the work of Dr. David Hurd who's publication "Left Brain Lutherie" brought together a broad spectrum of acoustical research & thinking, and applied this to the practicalities of the guitar making process.

My interest in guitar making stems from having been a guitarist for more than 30 years, playing acoustic, classical & electric. I played in bands in and around London for many years, writing and performing. My musical interests are many and diverse, with influences ranging from folk and fingerstyle to classical, jazz and rock.

My professional background is in information technology. I have a degree in computer science, and spent 20 years working for leading software and technology firms as a technologist, engineer & consultant.