Paul Chambers Guitars - Luthier and Maker of Fine Acoustic and Classical Guitars

Aesthetic Design

My preference is for simple, traditional guitar designs. There are some exceptions – for example, the Southwell A series, which is modern yet steeped in Viennese guitar tradition – but for the most part my aesthetic is a traditional one.

Paul Chambers Guitars - Model CM1

My focus is on the beauty of the wood, and only wood. I don’t use man-made materials in bindings, purfling or inlays. I won’t smother an instrument in pearl shell: if that’s your thing, you should probably try another maker. The wood is more than enough.

Paul Chambers Guitars - Model CM1

A beautiful headstock veneer of Rio Rosewood, with simple wood bindings, will ooze distinction. A Cocobolo binding has a breathtaking richness of natural colour. A Bloodwood purfling provides a startling, dynamic red. French polish and lacquered finishes are always left clear to bring out the beauty of the Spruce top, Rosewood back and sides, and African Mahogany of the neck. Bridges and fingerboards are simply oiled to give a soft, satin sheen.