Paul Chambers Guitars - Luthier and Maker of Fine Acoustic and Classical Guitars

Tradition & Technology

A guitar is first and foremost a musical instrument. Its purpose is to let the guitarist express musical ideas and feeling. That’s why my method of guitar making puts the focus on playability and sound, in equal measure. The sound provides inspiration: the way an instrument plays and feels is the key to unlocking the sound, and delivering the performance.

Hand-carving bracing for the soundboard

To achieve this, the maker must master and blend the craft, art, tradition and technical aspects of guitar building. The craft, art and tradition are a pleasure to be part of. The sound and playability are primarily derived from an understanding of the science behind the instrument.

Deflection testing as part of the acoustic tuning process

My approach balances the traditions of guitar making, with the new understanding that science and acoustics brings to the guitar-making world. It’s an evolutionary approach, combining the knowledge of the old with the ideas & understanding of the new.