Paul Chambers Guitars - Luthier and Maker of Fine Acoustic and Classical Guitars

Other Factors Affecting Sound

The acoustic tuning process optimises many of the most desirable aspects of a Chambers guitar. Other design factors also contribute to the quality of the sound:

  • The neck is carbon reinforced to promote stiffness and stability.
  • The sides are stiffened with laminations, and either reversed kerf linings, or solid linings to promote transfer of energy to the top & back.
  • The neck block is extended under the fingerboard to promote stiffness under the higher frets, resulting in a rounder sound on the higher notes.
  • The amount of arching or doming of the top and back also affect stiffness, creating a greater stiffness-to-mass ratio enabling a lighter build, and promoting sensitivity and projection
  • Thin, light finishes will have minimal acoustic impact.
  • Further tuning of the sound can also be achieved with soundports through the side of the body. Their size and angle will promote different aspects of the sound.