Paul Chambers Guitars - Luthier and Maker of Fine Acoustic and Classical Guitars

Optimising Playability

The playability of a Chambers guitar is a product of its tone and responsiveness, optimised through the acoustic tuning process. It also depends on various design choices and options that enable each guitar to be tailored to an individual player, in terms of ergonomics and playing style. These include:

  • Neck
    • Profile   -   D,   C, soft   V,   or  Classical
    • Carbon Reinforced   -   Giving stiffness & stability
    • Truss Rod   -   2 way truss rod for accurate set-up
  • Nut Width   -   Customisable to requirement
  • String Spacing   -   Customisable to requirement
  • Scale Length   -   632,   645,   650   and   655   mm
  • String Gauge & tension   -   Guitars are optimised for any desired string gauge & tension
  • Fingerboard
    • Ebony bound for a smooth feel (no fret end protrusion)
    • Fingerboard radius choices of 16”, 18”, 20” or flat
    • Classical models have mid-neck relief and bass relief for a level saddle
  • Intonation   -   Compensated saddle and nut
  • Cutaway   -   Giving high note access
  • Bevelled Arm Rest   -   For comfort and to prevent soundboard damping
  • Neck/Body Join   -   At the 14th, 13th or 12th Fret
  • Tuners   -   Waverly, Blake Robson, Gotoh Premium, Sloane, Rodgers
  • Set-up   -   Each guitar has full set-up