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1937   Hauser

This is a replica of the famous guitar used by Segovia during significant parts of his career and built by Herman Hauser I in 1937 for Segovia.

Richard E Brune's meticulous & detailed, technical drawings & notes, provide the basis for my design, augmented with information from numerous other sources.

My Hauser replica is faithfully reproduced using traditional techniques & materials, employing the Spanish Solera based method of construction. Traditional hide glues are used and the finish is French Polished.

  • Soundboard Thickness - Varying between 2.5 - 3.0 mm
  • Soundboard Wood - German Spruce
  • Bridge Design - Top constructed flat, the bridge bellied and top forced into bridge
  • Bridge Wood - Specially selected to be stiff and lightweight
  • Fan Struts - 3 centre fans left square underneath the bridge area
  • V Struts (Closing Struts) - very low in profile relative to fan struts
  • Bridge Plate - Spruce bridge plate with fan struts notched over plate
  • Back & Sides - East Indian Rosewood as used commonly by Hauser I
  • Linings - Mixture of Spruce & Mahogany, kerfed, solid & tentellones
  • Neck - Honduras or African Mahogany, as used by Hauser I